Course Navigation

After you navigate to a Canvas course site, the Course Navigation Menu lists the links to tools you can access in the site. The menu displays differently depending on whether you are accessing the site in a web browser or the Canvas Student or Canvas Teacher mobile app.

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Web Browser

Screenshot example of a course site highlighting the Course Navigation menu.
  1. In a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer, the Course Navigation Menu displays by default to the left of the main content of the page.
  2. Select the three horizontal bars (Show Courses Navigation Menu) button in the upper-left corner of the page to show the menu if it is not displaying. The menu is automatically collapsed (hidden) if you have accessed the course in a web browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari) on a mobile device (phone or tablet) or if you go to the Grades tool in a browser on a computer. If the menu is displaying on a desktop or laptop computer, the three horizontal bars button changes to Hide Courses Navigation Menu, allowing you to collapse it at any time.

Canvas Student or Canvas Teacher App

When you access a course in the mobile app, the Course Navigation Menu will display by default. After visiting a tool in the site, select the back arrow (Navigate up) button to return to the menu.