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How do I configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for my non-UVA account?

Note: If you log in with your UVA NetBadge account, this article does not apply.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds security by verifying you are the user accessing your account.

Choose an authentication method.

To set up MFA, you need to have a mobile device and either:

On a computer, start to log in to UVACanvas.

On a laptop or desktop computer, navigate to the UVACanvas Guest Login Page (opens new window), then:

  1. Enter your Login ID and Password.
  2. Select Log In.

On a mobile device, open Duo Mobile and select Add.

Open Duo Mobile (pictured above) on your mobile device and select the +Add button on the Accounts dashboard.

Note: If you have not previously added the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device, it is available in the Google Play store (opens new window) for Android and the App Store (opens new window) for iOS.

Select Use QR code at the top of the list.

Scan the QR code that appears on your computer.


Use your phone to scan the QR code on the Canvas login screen when prompted by Duo.

On your mobile device, add an Account name.

  1. Enter an Account name, such as "UVACanvas."
  2. Select Save.

Enter the 6-digit passcode on the Canvas Login Screen.

  1. Type the Passcode from the Duo Mobile app in the Verification Code field on the UVACanvas login page.
  2. Select Verify to log in to UVACanvas.