How do I import content from one UVACanvas site to another?

You can use the Canvas Course Import tool to import content to a UVACanvas site from another site, such as:

  • A previous semester's UVACanvas course site;
  • A site that was migrated from UVACollab, Blackboard, Moodle, or another instance of Canvas previously in use at UVA;
  • Or a Canvas site used by instructors to co-create course content.

Note: For information about the Course Import tool's limitations, see Canvas' Course Import Tool overview (opens new window). For example, any items that were published in the original site will be imported as published.

Open the Canvas course.

Navigate to the Canvas course site where you would like to import content.

Tip: If your course does not display on your Dashboard, follow the steps to find it in How do I use the Global Navigation Menu as an instructor? (opens new window).

Go to Settings.

Select Settings from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select Import Course Content.

Screenshot of Course Details page highlighting button.

Select the Import Course Content button.

Note: Depending on the width of your internet browser window, this button will appear on either the right side or near the bottom of the page.

Select Copy a Canvas course.

From the Content Type drop-down menu, select Copy a Canvas Course.

Search for the site from which to copy content.

Screenshot of Search for a course menu and text box options.

Options to Search for a course will display. These can include a Select a course drop-down menu and/or a Course name text field, depending on the number of UVACanvas sites where you are enrolled. Either:

  1. Use the Select a course menu to choose the site from which to copy content. The sites are grouped by Term, for example 2022 Spring. In the example pictured above, we are selecting a site under Migrations that was imported to Canvas from UVACollab.
  2. Or enter part of the site's name in the Course name field. A menu will appear for you to select one of your sites that includes the text you enter.

Note: You must be in an administrative role in a site, e.g., Teacher or TA, to import content from it. For a complete list of roles, see What are Permissions and Roles? (opens new window).

Choose Select specific content.

Screenshot of the Content menu with the Select specific content radio button selected.

For the Content option, choose Select specific content.

Important: We strongly recommend that you choose the Select specific content option, rather than importing all content.

If you selectively import the content you need, you can adjust events and due dates during the import process without inadvertently including items such as Announcements or Calendar events that may not be appropriate for your upcoming course.

It is especially important to avoid importing Calendar events if you are using Online Meetings (Zoom) in your course. Events in the Canvas Calendar that were created automatically for Zoom meetings from a previous course will not make the meetings available to students in your upcoming course. You will need to delete each instance of an imported event individually to remove it from the Calendar for your upcoming course.

Adjust events and due dates. (Optional)

Select Adjust events and due dates to display options to Shift or Remove dates for items that had availability dates set in the original site, such as assignments and quizzes, during the import process.

Note: If you Remove dates, items that were published in the previous site will be available to students immediately in the site where they are imported, unless the entire course site is unpublished.

Select Import.

Screenshot of the Import Content window with the Import button selected.

Select the Import button.

Choose Select Content.

Screenshot of the Current Jobs section with the Select Content button highlighted.

Under the Current Jobs section of the page, a new Course Copy job will appear, with a link to the site that was selected for import. If you have chosen to selectively import content, a Waiting for Selection message and a Select Content button will display to the right of this job.

Choose the Select Content button.

Select the items to copy.

A Select Content window will appear listing the tools from which you can import content.

  1. To import all the content from a specific tool, select the checkbox for the tool, e.g., Modules or Files. We strongly recommend that you always select to import Files to ensure that any files linked or embedded in other tools in your course site have their links updated correctly during the import process. This will help ensure that the content can be made visible to students.
  2. To import specific items from a particular tool, select the expand (arrow) icon to the left of the tool's name.
  3. Then, select the checkbox for each item to import, e.g., Quiz 1.


  • Avoid importing Calendar events for recurring Zoom meetings scheduled in the Online Meetings tool of the site from which you are copying content.
  • All announcements without a delayed posting date in the future will be visible to students in the published course.

Tip: If you would like to copy specific quizzes that were created as New Quizzes, expand the Assignments section to find and select them.

Select Content.

Use the Select Content button to confirm your selections.

Wait for the import to complete.

You will be returned to the Import Content page. Under Current Jobs:

  1. A progress indicator will display to the right of your Course Copy job.
  2. When the import process has finished, the progress will show as Completed.

Note: In some cases, the Course Import tool will identify items that failed to import. This will not prevent interaction with the course. We recommend reviewing the content that was imported before using it.