Review File and Folder content.

Files and folders from Moodle can be found in Files tool in UVACanvas. Web links from your course site can be found in Modules under the header they were placed in on your Moodle course site.

Tip: You can use the information in this article as you work through Step 1: Review in the Checklist for Reusing Content from Moodle. Go back to the checklist for additional steps.

Go to Files.

Moodle-CSC 1010 - Intro to Programming in Python - Google Chrome

Select Files from the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: If your resources were organized in folders and sub-folders, they will be found with the same naming convention in UVACanvas. If the resources were not in folders, they will be listed at the top level with no folder structure.

Return to the Checklist.

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