Canvas features equivalent to Moodle's Grades & Gradebook Setup options

Canvas has features similar to those found in Moodle's Grades and Gradebook Setup tools. However, some of these options are found in other Canvas tools (Assignments, the course's Settings, and New Analytics), rather than in Grades.

Below are tables listing tasks in Moodle's Gradebook and their Canvas equivalents, with links to help articles for how to complete those tasks in Canvas. Each table includes a set of related tasks.

Set up your gradebook.

Task in Moodle's Gradebook Setup Tool Canvas Equivalent
Add a grade item. In Assignments, create a No Submission or On Paper assignment (opens new window).

In Gradescreate multiple No Submission assignments by uploading a spreadsheet (opens new window).

Note: All graded activities (assignments, quizzes, and discussions) display in the Canvas Gradebook. However, you may exclude an assignment from the final grade calculation (opens new window).
Add a grade category.
In Assignments:
Create an extra credit item or category.
Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Canvas. However, Canvas has provided a list of recommended workarounds for giving students extra credit (opens new window).
Reorder grade items.
In Assignmentsmove or reorder assignments (opens new window).
Reorder categories.
In Assignments, move or reorder assignment groups (opens new window).
Delete a grade item. In Assignmentsdelete an assignment (opens new window).
Delete a category. Delete an assignment group by following the steps in the article How do I add an assignment group in a course? (opens new window) starting with the step Manage Assignment Group.
Enable aggregation or parent categories to weight grades.
Create categories: In Assignmentsadd assignment groups (opens new window).

Add weighting: Weight the final grade based on assignment groups (opens new window).
Choose to display grades as letter, percentage, or real. In Settings, enable a course grading scheme (opens new window).
Select the overall decimal points. Grades always display for students with two decimal places. This is not configurable.

You can enter more than two decimal places for a grade, but assignment grades will not be rounded before calculating a student's final grade. Be careful when entering more than two decimal places because it could confuse students.
Hide grades from students. In Canvas, grades for an assignment are either posted (visible to students) or not. In the course template used at UVA, the default setting for the grade posting policy in the Gradebook (opens new window) is to manually post grades. This allows the instructor to choose when they post grades for each assignment to make them available to students.

By default, each student's course grade is visible to them in Grades.

You may hide the course grade from students by editing the course's Settings and hiding totals in the student grades summary (opens new window).
Enable excluding empty grades.

Canvas automatically excludes empty grades from the grade calculation. You will need to enter a grade of 0 for missing assignments you want to include in the course grade.

You can bulk enter grades for an assignment by following the steps to set a default grade (opens new window).

Enable dropping the lowest grades in a category. In Assignments, create rules for an assignment group (opens new window).

Enter and edit grades and comments.

Task in Moodle's Grades Canvas Equivalent
Enter, edit, override individual assignment grades.

Enter a grade in the Gradebook (opens new window) or use SpeedGrader (opens new window).

Override a student's course grade.

Override a student's final grade in the Gradebook (opens new window).

Exclude a student's grade from their course grade calculation.

Change the status of a submission in the Gradebook (opens new window).

Customize your gradebook display.

Task in Moodle's Grades Canvas Equivalent
Reorder the list of students by first or last name. Sort and display student data in the Gradebook (opens new window).
View an individual student's grades. View students individually in the Gradebook (opens new window).

Tip: Instructors can enable options to hide columns and students in their own Canvas Gradebook display by following the steps to manage new features for a course (opens new window) and enabling Enhanced Gradebook Filters. Then, create custom filters (opens new window).

Import and export grades.

Task in Moodle's Grades Canvas Equivalent
Import grades from a spreadsheet.

Import grades in the Gradebook (opens new window).

Export the gradebook as a spreadsheet.

Export grades in the Gradebook (opens new window).

View Grade History.

Task in Moodle Grades Canvas Equivalent
View the Grade History. View the Gradebook History (opens new window).