Moodle to UVACanvas Tool Equivalency Chart

The information and equivalency chart on this page can help instructors and teaching assistants find steps to accomplish tasks in UVACanvas that they used to do in Moodle.

Note: If you are looking to use a tool from Moodle that is not mentioned below, please contact the Learning Technology Services (LTS) Team to request assistance.

Tip: Before getting started, see the following articles to familiarize yourself with UVACanvas:

Integrated External Tools

External tools that were integrated into Moodle, such as Zoom (Online Meetings in UVACanvas), are also available in UVACanvas. For a list of currently available tools, see the Integrated Tools page (opens new window).

For steps to add one of these tools to your course, see one of the following articles:

Most external tools work very similarly in Canvas to how they did in Moodle. Some of these tools have new or improved features in Canvas.

Equivalent Activities or Tools

Moodle Activity or Tool Equivalent Tool in UVACanvas Help Guides
Announcements Announcements
Assignments Assignments
Attendance Attendance
Backup Export Course Content
Blocks Module
Calendar Calendar
Chat Chat
Choice Activity, Questionnaire, or Survey Quizzes
Competencies Outcomes: Create and align outcomes to assignment rubrics and quiz question banks.

Learning Mastery Gradebook: View outcome assessment data to assess student learning.
External Tool External Tool
Feedback Quizzes: Create a graded or ungraded survey.

Anonymous Feedback: Gather text feedback from students, with functionality similar to Moodle's Allow full anonymous mode setting for Feedback.
Files and Folders Files
Forum or Advanced Forum Discussions: Create an individual or group discussion with the option to enable grading.

Piazza: Create an ungraded question and answer discussion board, with advanced options for moderation and anonymous posting.
Glossary Modules: Create a Page with terms and definitions and add it to a module.
Grades and Gradebook Setup Grades: View your gradebook items in a table format.

Assignments: Manage your gradebook categories (now assignment groups) and gradebook items in Assignments.
Groups and Groupings Sections: Make assignments or assessments only available to specific groups of students, assign different due dates to different groups, or create accessibility accommodations.

Groups: For creating group projects or assignments where multiple students make a single submission as a group.
Import, IMS Content Package, or Restore Course Import
Journal Assignments: Create an assignment with the Submission Type of Online, Text Entry selected as the only option for Online Entry Options, and allow Unlimited submissions.
Label Pages
Lessons Modules
Messaging Inbox
Page Pages
Question Bank Question Banks/Item Banks
Quiz Quizzes
Roster People: View a list of everyone in your course with their course sections and profile photos.

Photo Roster: View students' official UVA photos, sort and filter students by section or group in a course with multiple roster sections or groups, hide student names to practice them, export a list of students with their email addresses and section and group membership.
Rubrics Rubrics
Scheduler Calendar: Set up slots for students to sign up for appointments through the Calendar.

Online Meetings: Use Zoom's Appointments feature to set up time slots for meeting virtually. 
Section Modules
Settings Settings
Statistics New Analytics
Syllabus Syllabus
Text Editor (HTML Editor) Rich Content Editor
Topics Modules
URL Redirect Tool

Pages: Create a page and allow students to edit the page.

Box: Create a document in Box shared with People in your company for students to collaboratively edit.

Workshops Assignments: Create an assignment with Peer Review enabled for a simple peer review assignment.

Peerceptiv: Create a Peerceptiv assignment to set up advanced evaluation and assessment phases.
Zoom Online Meetings (Zoom)