What is the Photo Roster tool?

The Photo Roster allows instructors and teaching assistants to view photos and other information about participants in their course.

Up-to-date information about the tool can be found in Photo Roster: New Features & Updates.

Note: The Photo Roster tool is not available to participants in the Student, Waitlisted Student, Designer or Observer roles.

Photo Roster Features

The roster includes three viewing formats:

  • Official Photos: This default view displays the roster as a grid of individual entries with the official UVA photos of the course participants, to aid instructors in visually identifying their students. Each person's entry includes their name, pronouns (if they have selected their pronouns in Canvas), Login ID (UVA computing ID), role in the course (e.g., Teacher or Student), a button to play their name pronunciation (if they recorded it in NameCoach (opens new window)), and a link to send them an email. By default, participants are sorted by Last Name. They can also be sorted by First Name or Role.
  • Profile Photos: This view displays the roster as a grid of entries with the photo that each course participant uploaded to their Canvas Profile. Each person's entry includes the same details as their entry in the Official Photos view.
  • List: This view displays the roster in a table, with a row for each course participant. The list can be sorted by Last Name, First Name, Pronouns, Login ID (UVA computing ID), Email Address, or Role.

The following options are also available:

  • Filtering by section or group: If the course contains multiple sections (e.g., multiple rosters in a cross-listed course), or groups have been created in the People tool of the Canvas site, you may filter the roster to display the members of a particular section or group.
  • Search: Search for a participant by their name or UVA computing ID.
  • Hide Names: In the Photos view, you may hide names to practice learning your students' names.
  • Print Roster: Choose this button to print the currently-selected view of the roster. When printing from one of the Photos views, additional options are provided to adjust the Photo Size and selectively Hide Login IDnamespronouns, and/or roles to include more photos per page in the printout.
  • Download Excel: Download a spreadsheet that includes the names, pronouns, UVA computing IDs, email addresses, roles, and section and group membership of participants in your course or a particular section or group.

Go to Photo Roster.

Select Photo Roster from the Course Navigation Menu.