How do I add a video quiz as an automatically-graded assignment?

If you have followed the steps to create a video quiz, you can add the quiz as an External Tool assignment in your course to have its grades sent automatically to the Gradebook.

Note: Some browser extensions or plugins, such as ad blockers, may interfere with a student's video quiz grade being sent to the Gradebook. If a student's score is missing in the Gradebook, you will be able to find it in the video's analytics. For details, see Kaltura's help for Quiz Reporting and Analytics (opens new window).

Go to Assignments.

Select Assignments from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select the + (Add) Assignment button.

Enter assignment details.

  1. Enter an Assignment Name and instructions in the fields provided.
  2. Enter a value in Points for the assignment. By default, the quiz will be scored out of 100 points.
  3. If desired, select an Assignment Group from the corresponding drop-down menu.
  4. You may change the Display Grade as setting if you prefer to have the students' grades for the assignment displayed in the Gradebook in another format than Points, for example a Percentage or Complete/Incomplete.

Note: If you edit the assignment and change the point value after students have submitted the quiz, you will need to manually edit their grades or allow them to resubmit the quiz. There is no way to automatically rescale grades.

Set the Submission Type to External Tool.

From the Submission Type menu, select External Tool.

Select Find.

Under Enter or find an External Tool URL, select Find.

Select Kaltura Video Quiz.

In the Configure External Tool dialog, scroll down in the list of tools to find and select Kaltura Video Quiz.

Select Embed.

Screenshot shows Embed button for an example video quiz. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

In the Link Resource from External Tool dialog, to the right of the video quiz to use, select the Embed button.


  • You can use the Search box above the list of media to find a video quiz.
  • By default, quizzes you own will be displayed. To view quizzes that have been shared with you, select Filters, then under Ownership, select Media I Can Publish.

Click Select.

You will be returned to the Configure External Tool dialog.

Use the Select button to create the assignment with the video quiz you embedded.

Choose whether to load the quiz in a new browser tab.

By default, the checkbox to Load This Tool In A New Tab will be selected. A button will display on the assignment page to open the video quiz in a new browser tab or window.

You may uncheck the box to embed the video quiz in the assignment page.

Note: When accessing the assignment in the Canvas Student mobile app, the video quiz will open in a new browser tab or window regardless of whether the Load This Tool In A New Tab checkbox is selected.

Edit Assign to settings as needed.

Scroll down near the bottom of the page and edit the Assign to settings as needed. For example, you may enter Due, Available from, and Until dates to restrict student access to the quiz to specific dates.

Note: Some settings on the assignment page, such as the number of Submission Attempts, will not apply to a video quiz. The number of allowed attempts and grading options must be specified in the video quiz's settings while creating or editing the quiz.

Save your work.

Select Save and Publish if you are ready to make the assignment available to students at the specified date, or Save if you plan to continue editing the assignment and publish it later.

Additional Information

After your assignment has become available to students and they have submitted the quiz, their grades will be automatically sent to the Gradebook.

You will be able to view and print the students' responses by accessing the video's analytics. You can also leave a Note for a student as feedback for their answer to an open-ended question. For steps, see Kaltura's help for Quiz Reporting and Analytics (opens new window).