How do I connect my Qualtrics account to UVACanvas?

An instructor will be able to add Qualtrics surveys to their courses as assignments once they have connected their UVA Qualtrics account to UVACanvas.

Prerequisite Step

Before proceeding with the steps on this page, you will need to have or create a UVA Qualtrics account. You can create an account by going to the UVA Qualtrics Home page (opens new window) and logging in using the Central UVA link.

Access the Qualtrics LTI link in your Account menu.

  1. Select Account from your Global Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the Qualtrics LTI link.

Authorize access to your account.

A message will display indicating that Qualtrics LTI is requesting access to your account. Select the Click here to authorize button.

Select Authorize.

An App Login window will pop up indicating that Qualtrics by Drieam is requesting access to your account. Select Authorize to confirm access.

Select a Qualtrics domain.

The pop-up window will close and in the Canvas window, you will be asked to log in using your Qualtrics account. Either:

  • Click on the Select a Qualtrics domain field, then select UVA - Standard.
  • Or place your cursor in the field and press the down arrow key, then Enter on your keyboard to select UVA - Standard.

Select Login now.

Select the Login now button.

Use the Login | Qualtrics window to access your account.

Screenshot examples of the Login pop-up window display. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

A Login | Qualtrics window will pop up. This pop-up window will display different information, depending on whether you were logged into Qualtrics before accessing the Qualtrics LTI link in UVACanvas:

  1. If you were logged into Qualtrics, your computing ID followed by #virginia, e.g., tls6u#virginia will appear with a University of Virginia link and a Sign out of all accounts button. Start with the Logged into Qualtrics step below if this is what the window displays.
  2. If you were not logged into Qualtrics, fields to enter a Username and Password, along with a Sign in button and a Sign in with SSO link will appear. Skip to the steps to follow if you were not logged into Qualtrics.

Logged into Qualtrics

Under your computing ID#virginia, e.g., tls6u#virginia, select the University of Virginia link. Skip to the step to approve access.

Not logged into Qualtrics

Select Sign in with SSO.

A Qualtrics Login window will pop up. In this window, select the Sign in with SSO link.

Enter virginia, then Continue.

  1. For your company's Organization ID, enter virginia
  2. Select Continue.

Note: Users from the McIntire School of Commerce should enter commercevirginia for your company's Organization ID to connect to the correct Qualtrics instance.

Approve access.

A message will display indicating that This application, Qualtrics LTI Canvas, is requesting access to read and make changes to your surveys. Select Approve.

View Your Surveys page.

The pop-up window will close and the main Canvas window will display a Qualtrics LTI Your Surveys page. From here, you can access any Qualtrics surveys you previously created and add new surveys.