What is the Export Grades to SIS tool?

Export Grades to SIS allows instructors and TAs with permission to approve grades in the Student Information System (SIS) to submit final course grades to SIS. These grades can be entered in the Canvas Grades tool and/or directly in Export Grades to SIS.

Note: The use of Export Grades to SIS is optional. Alternatively, instructors can follow the steps in For Instructors: Grading in SIS (opens new window) to enter and approve grades directly in SIS.

Note: Instructors may find steps to add Export Grades to SIS and other tools to their course in How do I manage Course Navigation links? (opens new window).

Export Grades to SIS Features

Instructors, TAs, and school or departmental subaccount administrators with access to the course can:

  • Update grading schemes to set the minimum percentage (threshold) for each letter or other grade. For a list of default grade thresholds, see Default Grading Basis Thresholds in UVACanvas (opens new window). Note: If a Canvas course grading scheme has been enabled, it will not apply in Export Grades to SIS. Instructors may need to update grading schemes accordingly before they export grades.
  • Review, edit, and save course grade overrides in Export Grades to SIS. Note: These grade overrides will not appear in the Canvas Grades tool.
  • View a log of grade changes saved in Export Grades to SIS.

An instructor or TA with permission to approve grades in SIS can export the grades for each of their assigned rosters in SIS. Exported grades are automatically approved in SIS—no further review or actions are required to post and release them to students.

Note: TAs whose interactions are restricted to specific sections (opens new window) are not permitted to access Export Grades to SIS because the tool displays all rosters for grading.

Go to Export Grades to SIS.

Select Export Grades to SIS from the Course Navigation Menu.