How do I filter and search the roster?

Instructors and teaching assistants may use filters in Photo Roster to display participants in specific sections, groups, or roles. The roster may also be searched by entering a name or UVA computing ID.  Multiple filters and/or search terms can be used at the same time.

While filters and/or search terms are applied, they determine which participants are included in each view of the roster and downloaded spreadsheet.

Note: The Photo Roster tool is not available to participants in the Student, Waitlisted StudentDesigner or Observer roles.

Select Photo Roster from the Course Navigation Menu.

Filter by section or group.

Screenshot of an example roster filtered by section.

To view participants in a particular section (e.g., a specific roster in a cross-listed course) or group, select the desired section or group, e.g., Section: 22Su CIS 1031-3 (Lab), from the Sections/Groups drop-down menu.

Filter by role.

Screenshot of an example roster with only Students shown.

To view participants in a specific role, for example Student, select it from the Roles drop-down menu.

Note: A participant may have more than one role in the same course site. For example, in a lecture course with cross-listed sections, a student might be fully enrolled in one lab section and waitlisted in a different section because they want to switch labs. If you filter by role with --- Show All --- selected from the Sections/Groups menu, their roles will display in a comma-separated list, e.g., Student, Waitlisted Student.

Apply multiple filters.

Screenshot of an example roster with Students from a specific section.

You can apply a section or group filter and role filter at the same time to refine the display. For example, if you were to select Section: 22Su CIS 1031-1 (Lab) from the Sections/Groups menu and Student from the Roles menu, only individuals who have the Student role within that section will be shown.

Note: When a section filter is applied, each person's role in the specified section will display, even if someone has a different role in another section. When a group filter is applied, multiple roles will be displayed in a comma-separated list, e.g., Student, Waitlisted Student.

Search the roster.

Screenshot of an example roster with a name entered in the Search box.

To search for a participant by their name or UVA computing ID, enter the name or ID in the Search field. Press Enter on your keyboard or select the Find button to run the search.

Tip: To remove the search filter, you can either delete all the text in the Search field or select the Clear button.