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How do I view and manage the Archive (sent messages) for a Course Email list?

By default, all course participants can view the Archive of sent messages for each email address. Instructors and TAs also have the ability to delete individual messages from the Archive.

Note: If an instructor would like to prevent students from viewing the archive, they can remove access by unchecking Display email archive to students in the email address Preferences. For steps, see How do I set the Preferences for a Course Email list? (opens new window).

Go to Course Email.

Select Course Email from the Course Navigation Menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the Course Email page to view the email address for the course or section. Select the corresponding Archive link in the Options column of the table.

View the message archive.

Any message sent to the course email address will show up in the Archive. The Archive will display:

  1. The email address being viewed,
  2. The sender of each message,
  3. The Subject of each message, which can be selected to show the message text,
  4. The message's Received date and time.

Note: The Archive is updated once an hour.

View and manage a specific message.

To view the contents of a specific message, select the Subject of the message.

Opening an archived message will show:

  1. The Mailing List (email address) that received the message.
  2. The text of the message. Note: Attachments will not be included in the Archive.
  3. The option to Delete the message from the archive (only available to instructors and TAs).

Note: Messages deleted from the Archive will only remove access within the course site. Any recipient on the list will still be able to view a message they received in their email inbox, and the sender will still be able the view the message from their sent folder.