How do I customize captions in My Media or Media Gallery?

In My Media or Media Gallery, you can customize the styling of captions while watching a video. You can change the size, color, font, and background color of the captions. These adjustments can help make the captions easier to read.

Note: The video must have closed captions in order for these features to work. Content owners can add closed captions by following the steps in How do I request to add captions to a file in My Media?

Go to My Media or Media Gallery.

  1. To go to My Media: Select My Media from your Global Navigation Menu.
  2. To go to Media Gallery: Select Media Gallery from the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: To access the Media Gallery tool in a McIntire School of Commerce course site, select McIntire Kaltura from the Course Navigation Menu instead of Media Gallery.

In Media Gallery, access the Media tab.

If you are accessing a file in Media Gallery and any playlists have been created in the course, the Playlists tab will display as the first page.  If this is the case, select the Media tab to go to it.

Note: The Media tab will display with the number of files currently included in it, e.g., 6 Media.

Select a video.

Select the video to play.

Tip: This step and the steps below are the same in both My Media and Media Gallery.

Select the CC button.

Select the Closed Captions (CC) button at the bottom right of the video player.

Note: The Closed Captions (CC) button will only appear if the video has captions enabled.

Choose Options.

Select Options from the menu that appears.

Customize the view.

Select one of the preset views.

There are three presets for caption styles:

  • White text over a black background (this is the default setting).
  • Black text over a white background.
  • Yellow text over a black background.

Or select Edit custom captions.

To create a custom style, select Edit custom captions.

Select one of the options to edit.

Choose one of the following options to customize the captions style:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Font
  • Background

Make the desired change.

Select one of the options to adjust the style. You can see a preview of the changes at the bottom of the player.

Select the back arrow button.

To change another setting in the captions (e.g., Color if you are currently editing Size), use the back arrow (Go to previous screen) button in the upper-left corner of the player to return to the options screen.

Select the X button.

When you are done making changes, select the X (Close) button in the upper-right corner of the player to return to the video.

Play the video with captions.

  1. Select the Play button to play the video.
  2. If you haven't enabled captions yet, select the Closed Captions (CC) button.
  3. Select one of the language options (e.g., English) from the menu that appears.

Note: If you had captions enabled before making these changes, you may need to play the video for a few seconds before the changes appear.

View captions.

Captions will display in your selected format.