How do I print the roster?

Instructors and teaching assistants may select a Roster View, apply optional filters to display specific participants, and print their information. Before printing either Official or Profile Photos, additional options are available to adjust the Photo Size and selectively Hide Login ID, namespronouns, and/or roles to include more photos per page in the printout.

Note: The Photo Roster tool is not available to participants in the Student, Waitlisted Student, Designer or Observer roles.

Select Photo Roster from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select a Roster View. (Optional)

Photo Roster - Google Chrome

You may view the roster in one of three formats:

  1. Official Photos: View the roster with official UVA ID photos (displayed by default).
  2. Profile Photos: View the roster with the photos that course participants have added in their Canvas Profile.
  3. List: View the roster in a table format (no photos).

If the Roster View you would like to print is not already shown, select the tab for the desired option.

Filter the roster. (Optional)

Screenshot of an example roster filtered by section.

Before printing, you may use filters in Photo Roster to display participants in specific sections, groups, or roles. For example, if you are viewing Official Photos and select a section from the Sections/Groups drop-down menu, only the official photos of people in that section will appear in the printout.

For complete steps to filter participants, see How do I filter and search the roster? (opens new window).

Once the participants whom you would like to include in the printout are displayed, select the Print Roster button near the top of the page.

Note: If you are on List view and select Print Roster, your internet browser's Print dialog will open to print the page as-is or save it as a PDF file. To obtain a file with a table of participants from which you can remove unneeded details, you may export the roster, then edit the downloaded spreadsheet. For steps, see How do I export the roster? (opens new window).

Adjust the size of photos. (Optional)

Example print page highlighting the Photo Size slider.

If you are printing from one of the Photos views, you may use the Photo Size slider to decrease or increase the size of the photos in the printout. The slider can be controlled by clicking and dragging it or by navigating to it with the Tab key on your keyboard, then using the left and right arrow keys to change the photo size.

The default size of each photo is 120 pixels wide by 140 pixels tall. You may select to display photos as small as 62 by 72 pixels, and as large as 182 by 212 pixels.

Hide participant details. (Optional)

Example print page with Hide Login ID and Hide roles options checked.

Checkboxes are available to selectively Hide Login ID, namespronouns, and/or roles of participants included in the printout.

In the example pictured above, Hide Login ID and Hide roles are selected on an Official photos of the roster page. This will create a printout with photos that an instructor can review to learn the names and pronouns of participants in their course.

Screenshot showing the Print button and a Chrome Print dialog window with the roster.
  1. Select the Print button near the top of the page.
  2. Use your internet browser's Print dialog to print the page or save it as a PDF file.