What is the Qualtrics LTI tool?

The Qualtrics LTI tool allows instructors to add Qualtrics surveys to their course sites.

Note: Instructors may find steps to connect Qualtrics to their Canvas account in How do I connect my Qualtrics account to UVACanvas? (opens new window).

Qualtrics LTI Features

Qualtrics is commonly used by instructors to:

  • Collect student feedback about a course, such as an anonymous mid-semester survey.
  • Gather student responses to questions about class activities.
  • Create ungraded polling activities.

Instructors can:

  • Add surveys as assignments within a course site.
  • View individual student responses in SpeedGrader.
  • Include participation scores in the Gradebook.
  • Review and use aggregate data from surveys to inform instructional practices and changes (accessed through Qualtrics).

Go to Account, then Qualtrics LTI.

  1. Select Account from your Global Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the Qualtrics LTI link.