How do I copy a video or audio file in My Media?

You can use the editing tools in My Media to copy a video or audio file.

Creating a copy of a file will allow you to:

  • Schedule each copy to be available to viewers at different dates,
  • Or use a separate copy of a video quiz in each course so submissions for each course can be viewed separately.

Note: Images and YouTube videos cannot be copied.

Go to My Media.

Select My Media from your Global Navigation Menu.

Note: To access content associated with a McIntire School of Commerce course, an instructor will need to add the McIntire My Media tool to their Course Navigation Menu. They can do this by following the steps in How do I manage Course Navigation links? (opens new window) and choosing to Enable McIntire My Media. Once the tool is available in the course, select McIntire My Media from the Course Navigation Menu.

Edit the video or audio file.

Screenshot shows example My Media page with Edit button outlined. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

Select the pencil (Edit) icon for the file to copy.

Select Launch Editor.

To the right of the media player, select the Launch Editor button.

Select Save a Copy.

Screenshot of Video Editor. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

Select the Save a Copy button in the upper-right corner of the Editor window.

Enter a title and select Create.

  1. By default, the new media will be titled Clip of with the name of the copied file, e.g., Clip of Wildlife Video. Edit this title if desired.
  2. Select Create.

View Success message.

A message will appear indicating that the file was successfully saved.

  1. You may select the Media Page link to access the new file's page or My Media to return to the main page of My Media.
  2. Alternatively, select OK to continue editing the older copy of the file.

Note: It will take some time for your new file to be created. If a Media is being processed message displays when you visit the media page, you may need to wait a few minutes and refresh the page to view it.