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How do I create blogs for each student in WordPress as an instructor?

In UVACanvas WordPress, instructors and TAs can automatically create a WordPress blog for each student in their class. Students can use these WordPress blogs for e-portfolios or course assignments.

Go to WordPress.

Select WordPress from the Course Navigation Menu.

Open My Sites.

Select the My Sites button in the WordPress toolbar.

Select Create/Update Student Blogs.

  1. Find the title of the WordPress blog for the course. By default, the name of the UVACanvas course is the title given to the course's WordPress site when the tool is first accessed by an instructor.
  2. Select the associated Create/Update Student Blogs link to enable the creation of student blogs.

Note: It may take several seconds for the blogs to be created. After you select Create/Update Student Blogs, please wait until the Student List page appears.

View the Student List.

Once the blogs have been created, you will be taken to the Student List page. This page displays a table of each student's computing ID (Student ID), Name, and their WordPress Site URL for the course.

Caution: By default, the Student List page is hidden from students and only available to instructors and TAs. If the page is published, it would no longer be automatically updated as students join the course or activate their UVA WordPress accounts. A new hidden Student List page would be created with the updated list of students.

Note: If you have created/updated student blogs and an enrolled student's name does not appear, the student may need to open the WordPress tool from UVACanvas to create their UVA WordPress account.