How do I update grading schemes for course grades?

Grading schemes are the scales on which course grades are based. An example of a scheme is UG-GRD (undergraduate graded), which uses a letter grade scale of A-F.

The scheme used for a student is defined by:

  • The degree the student is pursuing, e.g., undergraduate (UG) or graduate (GRA),
  • The SIS Grading Basis for the roster in which they enrolled, e.g., graded (GRD), audit (AUD), or credit/no credit (CNC).

The default schemes (opens new window) for assigning corresponding letter or other grades for numerical scores are set by the University, but may be adjusted in accordance with school or departmental guidelines or at the instructor's discretion.

Important: Grading schemes enabled in the Canvas course settings (opens new window) are not reflected in the grading schemes in the Export Grades to SIS tool. In order for the tool to calculate course grades using modified grading schemes, you must follow these steps and adjust them in the Schemes tab.

Go to Export Grades to SIS.

Basic Template 1 - Google Chrome

Select Export Grades to SIS from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select the Schemes option.

Select the Schemes tab near the top of the page.

Select the desired grading scheme.

Select the grading scheme to be edited from the Select Scheme drop-down menu.

Note: Only schemes assigned to students enrolled in rosters included in the Canvas course site will be available for selection. For example, if your course is restricted to graduate students, none of the UG (undergraduate level) schemes will be listed.

Edit the grading scheme.

Enter the revised minimum score for one or more grades in the corresponding Threshold boxes. Scores may be entered with your numeric keypad or the Increase or Decrease buttons, and may include up to two decimal places.

Note: Grades with a threshold of -1 will not be included in grade calculations, but will remain selectable in the Course Grade override column (opens new window).

Save your changes, or reset to the defaults.

Select the Save Changes button to save your changes.

Select the Reset to Default button to reset the thresholds for the selected grading scheme to their default values.