How do I save course grade overrides in Export Grades to SIS?

Instructors and TAs in a Canvas course site can save course grade overrides in the Export Grades to SIS tool prior to export. This allows instructors of record to save their work in progress and return to it later, and also allows other supporting instructors to assist with grading.  

Note: TAs whose interactions are restricted to specific sections (opens new window) are not permitted to access Export Grades to SIS because the tool displays all rosters for grading.

Go to Export Grades to SIS.

Select Export Grades to SIS from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select the desired course roster.

Course grades are displayed and saved by course roster. Choose a roster from the Select a roster drop-down menu to review and edit the associated grades.  

Review the calculated grades.

The students enrolled in the selected course roster will be displayed, alongside their assigned grading scheme, numerical score from the Canvas Gradebook, and the corresponding letter or other grade.

  1. The Gradebook Score column lists the numerical score listed for each student in the Total column in the Grades tool (or in the Override column, if an override has been entered).
  2. The Course Grade column lists the corresponding letter or other grade. By default, this grade will be determined based on the grade scheme or scale assigned to the student in the Export Grades to SIS tool.

Note: Grading schemes are the scales on which course grades are based.  An example of a scheme is UG-GRD (undergraduate graded), which uses a letter grade scale of A-F.

The scheme used for a student is defined by:

  • The degree the student is pursuing, e.g., undergraduate (UG) or graduate (GRA),
  • The SIS Grading Basis for the roster in which they enrolled, e.g., graded (GRD), audit (AUD), or credit/no credit (CNC).

Adjust grading schemes. (Optional)

The default grading schemes (opens new window) for assigning corresponding letter or other grades for numerical scores are set by the University, but may be adjusted in accordance with school or departmental guidelines or at the instructor's discretion. To adjust the schemes or scales, select the Schemes tab and follow the steps in How do I update grading schemes for course grades? (opens new window).

Important: Grading schemes enabled in the Canvas course settings are not reflected in the grading schemes in the Export Grades to SIS tool. In order for the tool to calculate course grades using modified grading schemes, you must follow the step above and adjust them in the Schemes tab.

Select grade overrides.

For each student whose grade you would like to edit, select the desired grade in the Course Grade drop-down menu.

Select Save Grades.

At the bottom of the page, select Save Grades. Any course grade overrides will be saved. 

View Confirmation.

A Grades saved confirmation message will be displayed. Select OK or press the Escape key on your keyboard to close the message.

Refresh the page to view updated icons. (Optional)

Screenshot of example saved grades with icons shown.

Two icons may be displayed with saved grades:

  1. Grade Override Active: A triangle icon will appear with each saved grade that differs from the grade which was calculated automatically based on the grading scheme. If a saved grade is changed to match the value that the scheme would provide based on the student's Gradebook Score, this icon will not be displayed.
  2. View Grade Log: A clock icon will appear with each saved grade. You can select this icon to access a log of grade changes made in Export Grades to SIS.

Refresh the page in your browser to view the updated icons.

View Grade Log. (Optional)

Screenshot of example Grade Log described below.
  1. Select the View Grade Log (clock) icon to open a student's grade log.
  2. The log displays the date and time when the grade was saved, its value, and the computing ID of the person who changed it, e.g., Nov-17-2023 04:45:01 PM - Course Grade set to B+ by user tls6u. Select Close or press the Escape key on your keyboard to close the log.