How do I join Zoom office hours?

If you have scheduled a Zoom office hours meeting, you can either join the meeting using the link (URL) in the confirmation email, or access the meeting through Online Meetings. Skip to the step to access the meeting through Online Meetings.

Access the URL in the meeting confirmation email.

Screenshot of example student email confirmation.

When a student books a Zoom office hours meeting, both the student and instructor receive an email that includes the meeting details and a link to the meeting. The emails have the following subject lines.

  • For students: Confirmation for your Zoom meeting
  • For instructors: A meeting has been scheduled on your calendar!

If you kept the confirmation email for your meeting, you can select the meeting URL to join it. The URL will start with If you are using the link in the email, skip to the step to launch the meeting in Zoom.

Go to Online Meetings.

Select Online Meetings from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select the Appointments tab.

Near the top of the page, select the Appointments tab.

Select the Upcoming Events tab.

Under Bookable Schedules, select the Upcoming Events tab.

Select the Join/Start button.

Screenshot examples of a meeting's Join and Start links from the student and instructor perspectives. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

The button you select to join the meeting depends on whether you are a student or instructor.

  1. If you are a student attending the meeting, select the Join button.
  2. If you are the instructor hosting the meeting, select the Start button.

Note: After the scheduled end time of the meeting has passed, its Join/Start button will no longer display under the Upcoming Events tab.

Use the Zoom client or browser app to launch the meeting.

When you begin to join the meeting, you will be taken to a new browser tab or window prompting you to open the meeting.

  1. If you have the Zoom client installed (opens new window; recommended), select Open Zoom Meetings in the browser dialog window that pops up. If a dialog asking you to Open Zoom Meetings does not appear, select the Launch Meeting button as instructed on the page.
  2. Alternatively, you may select the link to Join from Your Browser. The browser version of the Zoom client has limitations, e.g., audio and video quality may be reduced.

Get additional help.

Questions about scheduling or joining meetings through Online Meetings in UVACanvas can be addressed to the Learning Technology Services (LTS) Team.

For online tutorials and help with features in Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center (opens new window)