How do I book a meeting for Zoom office hours?

If your instructor has scheduled appointments for office hours in Online Meetings, you can select an available time slot to book a meeting. You and your instructor will receive a private Zoom meeting link specific to that meeting.

Go to Online Meetings.

Select Online Meetings from the Course Navigation Menu.

Select the Appointments tab.

Near the top of the page, select the Appointments tab.

Select the meeting to schedule.

Under the Schedules tab, select the meeting to schedule, e.g., Prof. X's Office Hours.

Find the time slots for the meeting.

Screenshot example of a schedule with a date selected. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

Find available time slots for the day when you will meet with your instructor by:

  1. Clicking on a date in the calendar at the left side of the screen, for example February 14.
  2. Or using the left (<) and right (>) arrow buttons to the left and right of the days listed in the center of the screen to navigate to a desired date.

Select a time slot.

Under the desired meeting day, e.g., Wednesday 14, select a time slot, e.g., 1:00 PM - 1:15 PM.

Select Book.

A Book Meeting? dialog will pop up listing the selected Event and Date & Time. Select Book to confirm.

Check your email for the meeting confirmation.

Screenshot of example email confirmation.

You will receive an email notification with the subject line Confirmation for your Zoom meeting that includes the meeting details and link.

Join the meeting.

For steps to join the meeting, see How do I join Zoom office hours?

Get additional help.

Questions about scheduling or joining meetings through Online Meetings in UVACanvas can be addressed to the Learning Technology Services (LTS) Team.

For online tutorials and help with features in Zoom, visit the Zoom Help Center (opens new window)