How do I set the Preferences for a Course Email list?

Instructors and TAs can set the preferences for each email address created in the Course Email tool.

Go to Course Email.

Select Course Email from the Course Navigation Menu.

Screenshot of the Email Address table. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

Scroll to the bottom of the Course Email page to view the email address for the course or section. Select the corresponding Preferences link in the Options column of the table.

Note: Each email address has its own preferences options. Any changes made will only apply to the selected address.

Update the email address. (Optional)

To change the leading part of the email address, modify the text in the Update Email Address box. The following are valid characters to include in an email address:

  • Letters A-Z
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Dashes -
  • Underscores _
  • Periods .

Note: When changing the address, the tool will check if the email is available. An icon will appear to the right of the email address to confirm the updated address or prompt you to change it.

Set the desired Access.

Select the desired Access option:

  • Course/Section (selected by default) prevents email addresses that are not confirmed in Canvas from messaging the list.
  • Anyone with the email address can send messages removes restrictions that would prevent anyone from messaging the list. Note: This setting may result in spam messages being delivered to everyone on the list.

Set the reply to address.

Select the desired option:

  • Course/Section Email Address will send replies to everyone on the email list.
  • Original sender (selected by default) will send replies to the original sender's email address.

Display the email archive to students.

By default, students can view and read any previously sent email communications from within the Course Email tool. You may uncheck this box to prevent them from accessing the email archive.

Note: The archive updates hourly.

Add Additional Subscribers.

You may use the Additional Subscribers feature to add individual email addresses to the email list.

  1. Select the + Add New button. To add multiple additional subscribers, select the + Add New button again to display additional Email and Name fields.
  2. Enter the additional participant's Email address and Name in the fields provided.
  3. To remove a additional subscriber, select the trash can (Delete) icon in the Action column to the right of the name.

Note: These email addresses are added to the list once the preferences have been saved and will not need to wait to send and receive messages.

Save Preferences.

Select Save Preferences to save your changes.