How do I log in and sync my roster to Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an integrated tool through UVACanvas that allows instructors to create polls or activities that encourage learner participation and engagement. These can be used in-person, online, or a combination of both. Results data can be imported into a UVACanvas site or accessed directly through the Poll Everywhere site.

Important: Your [email protected] email address must be used to log in with NetBadge and access your licensed account by following the steps in this article.

Go to Poll Everywhere.

Select Poll Everywhere from the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: Instructors may find steps to add Poll Everywhere and other tools to their course in How do I manage Course Navigation links? (opens new window).

Requirement: In order to sync your UVACanvas site roster(s) to Poll Everywhere, the tool must be accessed through the course site navigation menu. Without this method of access, syncing is not possible.

Tip: Students should not access Poll Everywhere from the Course Navigation Menu. It is recommended to hide the Poll Everywhere link in your Course Navigation Menu from students by following the steps in How do I manage Course Navigation links? (opens new window) to Disable Poll Everywhere.

Select Continue to

Selecting the Continue to link is required to establish the connection between your course and Poll Everywhere.

Enter your UVA email address, then select Next.

  1. In the Email or username field, enter your [email protected] address, e.g., [email protected]
  2. Select Next.

Select Log in with UVA NetBadge.

A Log in with UVA NetBadge button will appear. Select this button.

Log in using NetBadge.


You will be redirected to the NetBadge login page. Either:

  1. Use your Digital Certificate to log in by selecting the corresponding Log In button,
  2. Or enter your UVA computing ID and Password and Log In.

If prompted, select Continue to

The Continue to LMS to login page may display again. If it appears, select Continue to to proceed.

Confirm course and sync roster.

  1. Your course name will be listed near the top of the page. Confirm this is the correct course.
  2. Select Sync Roster.

After the completion of the roster sync, you will be redirected to your Poll Everywhere dashboard.

Note: The roster sync may take up to 15 minutes depending on the number of students to be registered as class participants. Additionally, an automatic roster sync will take place once a day to update any enrollment/roster changes within the Canvas course.

Review/update Roster Sync.

To review or update automatic Roster Sync for a course, follow these steps on the Poll Everywhere dashboard:

  1. Select the Participant icon in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Courses from the panel. This will open the list of your UVACanvas courses that have been synced to Poll Everywhere.
  3. To manually update all available course rosters, select the Sync Rosters button.
  4. To enable/disable the automatic Roster Sync feature for a course, select the toggle On or Off switch in the Enable Roster Sync column.
  5. To manually sync a roster for a specific course, select the Sync Roster button in the Roster Sync column.

Note: The Enable Roster Sync feature will be toggled On by default for all newly connected course rosters. Course rosters that were synced to Poll Everywhere prior to April 24, 2024 will not automatically update by default and the Enable Roster Sync feature will be toggled Off.

Using Activities with students.

An activity must be "active" in Poll Everywhere for students to be able to respond.

Share the poll information with the class and have them navigate to the site shown/enter the code in the app on a mobile device.

Note: Students must authenticate themselves through NetBadge in order to respond to a course-synced poll. A suggested step is to direct students to sign in prior to launching the poll. They can go to and login using their [email protected] email address. This will redirect them to NetBadge for authentication. Detailed steps can be found at How do I log into Poll Everywhere as a student? (opens new window).

Get additional help.

Questions about accessing or using Poll Everywhere or syncing your roster can be addressed to the Learning Technology Services (LTS) Team.