How do I copy an embed code for public display on the web?

In the Media Gallery of a UVACanvas site you own, you can enable the Embed Grab option to generate public embed codes. You can add a video or audio file to the Media Gallery to copy the file's embed code for use in websites outside of Canvas (for example, a departmental website).

Note: We recommend that you enable the Embed Grab option in your personal UVACanvas Workspace rather than a UVACanvas course site. All files published in a Media Gallery where the option is enabled have publicly-viewable links created for them. If you do not have a Workspace, please request one by filling out the Request a Workspace form (opens new window).

The option should not be enabled in galleries containing copyrighted content, recordings that include students, or student submissions. Please refer to Guidance on the Recording of Class Sessions and Distribution of Course Materials (opens new window) and UVA's Copyright Policy (opens new window) for more information.

Tip: Follow the steps in one of the articles linked below to embed files from My Media within UVACanvas or a WordPress site integrated into UVACanvas.

Open your Canvas Workspace site.

Screenshot of an example Canvas Dashboard with a Workspace site highlighted.

Navigate to the Canvas Workspace site where you will generate the embed codes.

Tip: If your site does not display on your Dashboard, follow the steps to find it in How do I use the Global Navigation Menu as an instructor? (opens new window). (The steps are the same for students.)

If the Media Gallery link is not already included in your Course Navigation Menu, follow the steps in  How do I manage Course Navigation links? (opens new window) to Enable Media Gallery.

Note: If you are an instructor in the McIntire School of Commerce, enable McIntire Kaltura instead of Media Gallery.

Select Media Gallery from the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: To access the Media Gallery tool in a McIntire School of Commerce site, select McIntire Kaltura from the Course Navigation Menu instead of Media Gallery.

Edit the Media Gallery's settings to enable the Embed Grab option.

Select Channel Actions, then Edit.

  1. Select the three bars (Channel Actions) menu.
  2. Select Edit.

Enable Embed Grab.

  1. Scroll down on the page to the Options section, and select the Enable Embed Grab checkbox.
  2. Select Save.

Note: With the Embed Grab option enabled, public embed codes will be created for all media in your site's gallery.

The page will refresh with a message indicating The information was saved successfully. To return to the main page of Media Gallery, either:

  1. Select the Media Gallery link at the top of the page,
  2. Or select the Back to Media Gallery link at the bottom of the page (next to the Save button).

Copy the embed code.

Access the Media tab.

If any playlists have been created in the Media Gallery, the Playlists tab will display as the first page.  If this is the case, select the Media tab to go to it.

Note: The Media tab will display with the number of files currently included in it, e.g., 6 Media.

Select the file.

Select the video, audio, or image file.

Select Share.

Screenshot example of a video's Share tab.
  1. Scroll down on the page under the media player.
  2. Select the Share tab.

Note: If the Share tab does not appear, the Details tab will display a down arrow icon. You can select Details to expand the list of tabs, then Share.

Select embed settings. (Optional)

Screenshot showing settings options underneath the Embed box.

Before copying the embed code, you may:

  1. Specify the Start & End Time for playback by selecting the Start at and/or End at checkbox, then entering the desired timestamp for the start or end time. Note: If you scroll up on the page to the media player and pause the video or audio file at the desired start or end time, you can select the clock icon to the right of the Start at or End at field to Set the current time as start or end time.
  2. Select the desired Player Size. The default size is 400x285 (400 pixels wide by 285 pixels tall). Available options include 608x402, 400x285, and 304x231.

Select and copy the embed code.

Select the code in the Embed box and copy it to your computer clipboard by typing Ctrl + C (in Windows) or Command + C (on a Mac).

Use the embed code in your web page.

Screenshot example of an embed code pasted into a web page's HTML.

You can now paste the embed code into an external web page.