How do I send messages to a Course Email address?

Participants in a course or section can send messages to the associated email address using their preferred email application, such as Outlook.

Go to Course Email.

Select Course Email from the Course Navigation Menu.

The address will appear in the Email Address table located below the Create Email Address button.

Open or copy the email address.

There are two ways to send an email to the course/section address.

  1. Select the email address from the list. This will open the default email application on your device and automatically place the email address into the "To:" field.
  2. Select Copy Address to add the address to your device's clipboard so it can be pasted into the email application of your choice.

Note: By default, to send messages to a Course Email list, you must use Outlook with your [email protected] (e.g., [email protected]) email address in the From field. To send an email to a Course Email list using a preferred email (e.g. Gmail), follow the steps found at How do I use my preferred email address to send and receive Course Email messages? (opens in new window)

Compose and send the message.

Once a new message in the desired email application has been opened, enter and confirm the following:

  1. Confirm or paste the desired course/section email address in the "To:" field.
  2. Optional: Add your email address to the "Cc:" field to receive a copy of the message in your Inbox. Senders do not receive their own messages automatically.
  3. Enter the subject of the message.
  4. Compose the body and signature of the message.

Tip: To verify messages have been successfully delivered, please check the Archive associated with the course/section email address. For steps, see How do I view and manage the Archive (sent messages) for a Course Email list? (opens new window).