Review Assignments content.

The Assignments tool in UVACanvas is organized based on the Moodle site's Gradebook structure. Each graded item is listed under a Canvas assignment group. The name of the assignment group is a heading.

If the Moodle Gradebook had categories enabled, an assignment group was created for each category. Additionally, a % of Total value appears to the right of the title when Grade categories were set to weight adjusted in Moodle's Gradebook.

The following items may be included in assignment groups:

  • Assignments added in Moodle,
  • Quizzes,
  • Graded Surveys,
  • Graded Discussions,
  • Items that were created manually within the Moodle Gradebook

All items listed in Assignments will also appear in Canvas Grades. Canvas treats almost all activities as assignments, such as assessments and items that don't require student submissions.

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Go to Assignments.

Screenshot highlighting assignment menu selection. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

Select Assignments in the Course Navigation Menu.

Review Assignments and Assignment Group organization.

Depending on how the Gradebook was set up in Moodle, you will find one or more assignment groups in Canvas. For more information about assignment groups, see How do I add an assignment group in a course? (opens new window).

Groups for a Moodle Gradebook with Grade Categories

Screenshot highlighting migrated categories and weighted assignment groups. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

If the Moodle Gradebook was configured with Grade categories, there is an assignment group for each category. If the Gradebook included categories that were set to weight adjusted, the assignment groups are weighted accordingly. The weights are visible to the right of the Assignment Group title.

Automatically Created Assignment Groups

Screenshot highlighting automatically created assignment groups. Graphic link opens modal with larger image. Press Escape to exit modal.

You may find one or more automatically-created assignment groups in your copied Moodle site. The following may appear:

  • Assignments: This assignment group was created to house assignments from Moodle that were not assigned to a Grade category in Moodle.
  • Forums: If your site had Forums that were graded, they migrated under the assignment group Forums.


Review graded discussions created from Moodle forums.

If there were graded Forums in Moodle, they will migrate with the point value under the assigned category or to the automatically created Assignment group for Forums.

To learn more about Discussions in Canvas, see:

Review assignments from Moodle Assignments.

Assignments from Moodle's Assignments tool will appear in Canvas Assignments as Published or Unpublished depending on their status in the Moodle course. However, assignments may have migrated in a different order than expected.

If an assignment's grade was not sent to the Gradebook in Moodle, the Canvas assignment has the option Do not count this assignment towards the final grade enabled.

Edit an assignment to review its settings. For additional information, see How do I add or edit details in an assignment? (opens new window).

Review assessments from Moodle Quizzes and Surveys.

Quizzes and graded Surveys will also appear in Assignments in UVACanvas.

For steps to review assessments, see Review Quizzes, Surveys, and Feedback activities in copied Canvas Quizzes.

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