Revise Assignments.

Canvas Assignments is where you edit, delete, duplicate, and reorder individual assignments. It is also where you manage your Gradebook structure through the use of assignment groups. Assignment groups are the equivalent to grade categories from Moodle's Gradebook.

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Go to Assignments.

Select Assignments in the Course Navigation Menu.

Revise assignments.

Edit assignments.

Before reusing assignments, you will need to edit the availability dates (Due, Available from, and Until Date) for students to access them.

You may also update other settings as needed, for example:

  • Choose how the grade is displayed, e.g., Points, Percentage, or Letter Grade.
  • The assignment's Submission Type, e.g., an Online or External Tool assignment.
  • If an assignment's grade was not sent to the Gradebook in Moodle, the Canvas assignment has the option Do not count this assignment towards the final grade enabled. Uncheck the corresponding checkbox to include the assignment in the course grade calculation.

For steps, see:

Delete unneeded assignments.

Follow the steps in How do I delete an assignment? (opens new window) to remove any assignments you do not plan to reuse.

Verify and adjust assignment publication settings.

Assignments imported from Moodle's Assignments tool will appear in Canvas Assignments as Published or Unpublished depending on their status in the source Moodle site.

Review the assignments' Published status to ensure no assignments are published that you may want to keep in your upcoming Canvas course but not release to students.

If you saved any unpublished assignments while editing them that you want to use, don't forget to follow the steps in How do I publish or unpublish an assignment as an instructor? (opens new window) to make each assignment available to students at its Available from date.

Revise Gradebook structure.

Manage assignment groups.

Grade categories from Moodle are assignment groups in UVACanvas.

You may need to edit the following settings in assignment groups that were created for you:

  • Names: If your Assignments tool includes automatically-created assignment groups such as Assignments for uncategorized assignments, you may rename the assignment group or add the assignments to existing or new groups as appropriate.
  • Weights: The % of total grade for some automatically-created assignment groups may need to be modified.
  • Dropped grade settings: If your Moodle site's Gradebook had the Drop the lowest setting enabled for a category, you'll want to review that assignment group in UVACanvas. You may need to adjust the Number of scores to ignore for each student in a Canvas assignment group depending on the number of assignments that group will include.

You may also delete an automatically-created assignment group and move its assignments to another assignment group.

To edit or delete assignment groups, see:


  • Refer to Canvas features equivalent to Moodle's Gradebook options for details regarding all gradebook setup features.
  • Weighting is available at the assignment group level, not the individual assignment level in Canvas. If an assignment requires its own weighting, create an assignment group for that assignment alone.
Move or reorder assignments in groups.

Assignments from Moodle may have migrated in a different order than expected.

You can move assignments to different assignment groups or reorder them within an assignment group by following the steps in How do I move or reorder an assignment? (opens new window).

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