How do I access my UVACanvas Connect Catalog courses?

This article provides details for how learners who are enrolling in a UVACanvas Connect course for the first time and do not have an assigned UVA email can access UVACanvas Connect courses.

If you are already an enrolled student, faculty member or staff member at the University of Virginia with an assigned email, follow the steps in the help article How do I access my UVACanvas Connect courses with a UVA login?

Access the UVACanvas Connect Catalog.

Navigate to the UVACanvas Connect Catalog page (opens new window). Select the Login option at the top right portion of the page.

Select Other Login>>.

Once re-directed to the login page, select the Other Login>> link.

Create a login using your personal email.

Log in using your personal email and password created when you completed your registration.

Complete the Multi-Factor Authentication request.

Note: The first time you log in, you will be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication for your account. For steps, see How do I configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for my non-UVA Connect account? (opens new window).

Validate you are successfully logged in to UVACanvas Connect.

You will see your registered name in the top right portion of the page with a Student Dashboard which will allow you to view and access your courses. For details about using the Student Dashboard, refer to the help article How do I use the Student Dashboard in Catalog? (opens new window).