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How do I log in with a non-UVA email address in UVACanvas Connect?

Note: If you log in with your UVA NetBadge account, this article does not apply. To log in with NetBadge, follow the steps in How do I access my UVACanvas Connect courses with a UVA login?

If you have non-UVA email address and you followed the steps to configure Multi-Factor Authentication in your non-UVA Connect account, you can log in to UVACanvas Connect as described in this article. You will need a mobile device for the login process.

Open UVACanvas Connect Login on the UVACanvas website.

  1. Visit canvas.virginia.edu (opens new window).
  2. From the UVACanvas Connect menu, select UVACanvas Connect Login.

Select Other Login.

Log in to UVACanvas Connect.

  1. Enter your Login ID, which is usually an email address, and Password.
  2. Select Log In.

Access the verification code on your mobile device.

Screenshot of Multi-factor Authentication page showing Verification Code field.

You will be asked to enter a verification code to complete the login process. Follow the steps below to find your verification code (Passcode) in the Duo Mobile app.

Note: If you chose the phone number (SMS) authentication method, you will receive a text message with the verification code.

The UVA Learning Technology Services team is unable to provide technical support for the phone number (SMS) authentication method. Please configure MFA using Duo Mobile, the licensed and authorized authentication app at UVA, to receive technical assistance. For steps, see How do I configure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for my non-UVA Connect account?

Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device.

Select the entry for your UVACanvas Connect account.

Screenshot example of accounts listed in the Duo Mobile app.

In Duo Mobile, select the Account name for your UVACanvas Connect account. The default name is "University of Virginia Connect Canvas - login ID," where the login ID is your username/email address. However, this can be customized.

Enter the Passcode from Duo Mobile into the Verification Code field.

  1. Enter the six-digit Passcode from the Duo Mobile app into the Verification Code field on the Canvas web page.
  2. Select Verify.