How do I create an assignment with multiple submission options?

To create a Canvas assignment where students can submit different types of items at once, select the Submission Type of Online and only the Text Entry option as described below. While creating an assignment, it is possible to select several Online Entry Options, for example Text Entry and Website URL. However, each student submission can only include one of these items at a time.

Note: You will not be able to bulk download images or other media that students embed in their submissions. It will be easiest to grade them within SpeedGrader.

Set up the assignment.

Follow the steps to create an assignment (opens new window) and use the Submission Type of Online with the Online Entry Options set to Text Entry only. This will allow students to use the Rich Content Editor to include text, website URLs, embedded and linked files, etc. in the same submission.

Provide instructions for students.

Below are instructions you can provide your students to insert, link, and embed different types of content in the editor. You can copy and paste these into the instructions for your assignment.

Video or audio files

Tip: Instructors can find additional information about creating media assignments in How do I set up a video or audio assignment using Media Gallery?

Documents or other files

Note: If you are linking a file from Box and you choose the Access Type of People in this folder, you must also share the file in Box with your instructor(s) and/or TA(s). If you choose one of the other Access Type options, your instructor(s)/TA(s) and other people who are given the file's link will be able to access the file. The Access Type of People with the link will allow anyone with the link to access the file, while People in your company will allow anyone at UVA to access it.