How do I allow students to upload files to share with the class?

When students are added to a group, Canvas creates a group-specific Files area where the students can upload and share files. By adding all the students in a course site to the same group, you can leverage this functionality for students to share files with the entire class.

Go to People.

Select People from the Course Navigation Menu.

Add a group set.

Select the Add Group Set button.

Create a set with one group.

In the Create Group Set window:

  1. Enter a name for the group set.
  2. For the Group Structure, select Split students by number of groups, then enter 1 for the number.
  3. Select Save.

All students will be included in the group.

View the group set.

Select the name of the group set.

After you create the group set, a link will be added near the top of the People tool with its name, e.g., Group for file sharing. Select this link.

View the group.

Screenshot of 1 group in the People tool where there are 0 Unassigned Students.

When there is only one group and all the students in the course are included in it, Unassigned Students (0) will display on the left side of the group set's page and Groups (1) will display to its right.

Under Groups (1), you can select the name of the group to view all the students.

Note: If you are using a group for file sharing near the beginning of the semester, you will need to follow the steps to manually add students to the group (opens new window) as they join the class.

Provide instructions to students.

Students can upload files to the group's Files area by following the steps in How do I upload a file to a group? (opens new window).

They can view the files uploaded by other students by following the steps in How do I view group files as a student? (opens new window).

View files.

Instructors and TAs will be able to access the students' files by following the steps in How do I view content and student activity within a group as an instructor? (opens new window).