Review Announcements tool content.

Announcements added in UVACollab, except for those created by the UVA Media Library (vid-lib), will be imported in the Announcements tool in UVACanvas.

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Announcements added by the UVA Media Library.

To support the UVA Library's request process for making media available in courses, announcements posted by the Video Library will not be copied into the imported Canvas courses. Because these announcements are omitted from all courses, they will not be mentioned in the Migration Exception Log. For information about requesting video for your upcoming courses, see the UVA Library Course Reserves page (opens new window).

Announcements may be reordered.

The order of announcements in your imported Canvas course may not match how they appeared in UVACollab. Canvas displays announcements in the order in which they were created, but because all the announcements from a UVACollab site were imported at the same time, it was not possible to sort them.

Announcements do not have end dates.

The Canvas Announcements tool does not allow you to specify an end date for an announcement. End dates from imported announcements will not appear.

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