Checklist for Reusing Content from UVACollab

You can find your former UVACollab course sites that were copied to UVACanvas by following the steps in Navigate to a migrated UVACollab site (opens new window).

You may reuse content from one of your former UVACollab sites by importing it into your upcoming Canvas courses. There are four basic "R" steps you should take when reusing materials from UVACollab:

  1. Review the content,
  2. Recopy items you will reuse to your upcoming Canvas course,
  3. Revise the content,
  4. And Report any serious issues you may have found with missing content.

Select the text of one of these steps on the page below to open a detailed description of how to complete it. To help keep track of where you are in the process, you can check off the boxes as you walk through each step.

Tip: Before getting started, see the following articles to familiarize yourself with navigating in UVACanvas:

If you plan to reuse content from a copied UVACollab site, the first and most important step is to review your content for issues you may need to address.  Due to technical differences between UVACollab and UVACanvas, the Course Navigation Menu does not include the same tools. Some items in your site may have been modified from their original form or it may not have been possible to copy them.

A page called the Migration Exception Log will be provided to help you identify items that were modified during the import process or could not be copied.

Follow the steps in the articles below to review the items in your site.

You can import items you would like to use from your former UVACollab site into your upcoming Canvas course by following the steps in How do I import content from one UVACanvas site to another? (opens new window).

If your former UVACollab site includes content in Media Gallery, you will need to take a few additional steps to reuse that content. For details, see How do I import Media Gallery files and playlists from one Canvas course to another? (opens new window).

Note: Be careful when importing announcements to a new course. If an announcement does not have a delayed posting date in the future, it will be visible to students as soon as the course is published. For more information, see How do I delay posting an announcement until a specific date in a course? (opens new window).

Revise your content to update it for use in your upcoming course.  Items that will need revisions include:

  • Dates on assignments, quizzes, discussions, announcements, etc.
  • Assessments imported from UVACollab Tests & Quizzes. Specialized settings and question types specific to UVACollab which have been modified from their original form will need to be adjusted.
  • Links to content from external tools or items from external tools embedded in pages in your course site.  Examples of external tool content include:
    • Videos from Lecture Capture (Panopto),
    • Assignments in Gradescope, Peer Review (Peerceptiv), Annotations (Hypothesis), Poll Everywhere, and iClicker.
    • Assignments that were graded in UVACollab using rubrics from iRubric,
    • Links to VoiceThread assignments, course pages, or individual VoiceThreads,
    • Links to video quizzes from Media Gallery.
    • Activities embedded from H5P.

For steps to revise content, see:

Have you found any significant issues with the content in your copied UVACollab course which are not mentioned in the Migration Exception Log or described in the steps to revise content?

If you have, please email the LTS Support team and provide us with as many details about the missing content as possible.  Helpful details would include:

  • The name of the UVACollab site,
  • The name of the tool in UVACollab that included the content which is missing in the equivalent UVACanvas course (e.g., Resources, Assignments, or Tests & Quizzes),
  • The name(s) of the missing item(s) (e.g., the name(s) of missing file(s) or folder(s), assignment(s), or quiz(zes)),
  • If specific items within a folder, assignment, quiz, or a discussion topic's description or attachments are missing and not noted in the Migration Exception Log, a description of those items (e.g., file name(s), quiz question numbers, or the name of the affected discussion topic).

You are done. Great job!