Review Lessons tool content.

Lessons content can be found in the Modules tool in UVACanvas. There is a module for each Lessons page, under which are links to the original page content.

The content will be organized as follows:

  1. A module for each Lessons page.
  2. Most modules will contain at least one page under them with the same name as the module. On this page, you will find text, embedded files such as images or video, and links that were added using the Rich-Text Editor.
  3. Subpage titles will appear as text under the corresponding module.
  4. Links to files, web pages, and activities from UVACollab tools such as Assignments or Tests & Quizzes will appear on the Modules page under the corresponding module.
  5. Items that could not be copied will appear with STUB in their title as described below.

Tip: You can use the information in this article as you work through Step 1: Review in the Checklist for Reusing Content from UVACollab. Go back to the checklist for additional steps.

Go to Modules.

Select Modules from the Course Navigation Menu.

What does "STUB" represent?

If STUB precedes an item's title, e.g., STUB: Exploration 7, it is a non-functional placeholder for an item that could not be copied to UVACanvas. STUB items are also identified in the Migration Exception Log.

The following items can be represented as STUB content:

  • External tool links: If you used the Add External Tool option to include content from tools such as Gradescope or VoiceThread, there will be a broken STUB link for each of these items.
  • Student Pages: If your Lessons page included an option for students to add their own pages, there will be a STUB to identify the location of the Student Pages section.
  • Comments: If your Lessons page included a Comments tool, there will be a STUB to identify its location.

Where are my Questions and Checklists?

Interactive Questions and Checklists from Lessons have been converted to plain text in pages linked in the corresponding modules.

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