Revise Assignments.

Canvas Assignments is where you edit, delete, duplicate, and reorder individual assignments. It is also where you manage your Gradebook structure through the use of assignment groups. Assignment groups are the equivalent to categories from UVACollab's Gradebook.

Tip: You can use the information in this article as you work through Step 3: Revise in the Checklist for Reusing Content from UVACollab. Go back to the checklist for additional steps.

Go to Assignments.

Select Assignments from the Course Navigation Menu.

Revise assignments.

Edit assignments.

Before reusing assignments, you will need to edit the availability dates (Due, Available from, and Until Date) for students to access them.

You may also update other settings as needed, for example:

  • Choose how the grade is displayed, e.g., Points, Percentage, or Letter Grade.
  • The assignment's Submission Type, e.g., an Online or External Tool assignment.
  • If an assignment's grade was not sent to the Gradebook in UVACollab, the Canvas assignment has the option Do not count this assignment towards the final grade enabled. Uncheck the corresponding checkbox to include the assignment in the course grade calculation.
  • Add or remove file attachments in assignment instructions.

See the following articles:

Note: If an assignment in UVACollab used a rubric from iRubric for grading, you will need to edit the Submission Type on the migrated assignment in Canvas to set it to External Tool with iRubric as the selected tool.

Delete unneeded assignments.

Follow the steps in How do I delete an assignment? (opens new window) to remove any assignments you do not plan to reuse.

Tip: We recommend deleting any duplicate assignments that may have been created with the No Submission setting.

Example scenario: An assessment from UVACollab's Tests & Quizzes was set in the Working Copies tab not to send grades to the Gradebook, but the same assessment in Published Copies did have that setting enabled. You may find a quiz with the same name as a No Submission assignment.

Publish assignments.

If you saved any assignments while editing them without publishing them, don't forget to follow the steps in How do I publish or unpublish an assignment as an instructor? (opens new window) to make each assignment available to students at its Available from date.

Revise Gradebook structure.

Manage assignment groups.

Gradebook categories from UVACollab are assignment groups in UVACanvas.

You may need to edit the following settings in assignment groups that were created for you:

  • Names: If your Assignments tool includes automatically-created assignment groups such as Items sent to Gradebook, you may rename them to make them meaningful to students.
  • Weights: The % of total grade for some automatically-created assignment groups may need to be modified.
  • Dropped grade settings: If your UVACollab site's Gradebook had the Keep Highest setting enabled for a category, you may need to adjust the Number of scores to ignore for each student depending on the number of assignments your Canvas assignment group will include. The Number of scores to ignore for each student feature is the closest Canvas equivalent to Keep Highest.

You may also delete an automatically-created assignment group and move its assignments to another assignment group.

To edit or delete assignment groups, see:

Move or reorder assignments in groups.

You can move assignments to different assignment groups or reorder them within an assignment group by following the steps in How do I move or reorder an assignment? (opens new window).

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