Review Resources content.

Files and folders from the Resources tool in UVACollab can be found in Files tool in UVACanvas. Web links from Resources can be found in Modules under the Resources Links and Descriptions module.

Tip: You can use the information in this article as you work through Step 1: Review in the Checklist for Reusing Content from UVACollab. Go back to the checklist for additional steps.

Find files and folders in the Files tool.

22Su History of UVA - Google Chrome

Select Files from the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: You may see folders and files in the Files tool that were not in Resources in UVACollab. For example, folders titled Attachments from Other Tools and Files from Other Courses may be included.

The Attachments from Other Tools folder is created to store file attachments that are embedded or linked in other tools, e.g., Assignments, Discussions, Modules, Pages, or Quizzes.

If there was a link to a file or if a file was embedded from a different course or collaboration site in UVACollab, a copy of the file will be stored in the Files from Other Courses folder.

If you added web links or a description to the Edit Details page for any content in Resources, this information can be found in Modules.

Go to Modules.

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Select Modules from the Course Navigation Menu.

In the Modules tool, find the module named Resources Links and Descriptions.

Select the corresponding page for the content.

  1. For web links, select the Resources Links page.
  2. For descriptions, select the Resources Descriptions page.

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