Review Gradebook items and structure.

The Grades tool in UVACanvas will display all items from the Gradebook in UVACollab as Unpublished. The items are unpublished by default so that when they are copied to a live course, students will not be able to see them.

All items listed in Grades will also appear in Canvas Assignments. Canvas treats all gradebook items as assignments.

For gradebooks with Categories Only or Categories and Weighting, these configurations can be found in the Assignments tool of Canvas.

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Go to Assignments.

Select Assignments from the Course Navigation Menu.

Review the gradebook categories.

Gradebook categories from UVACollab are assignment groups in UVACanvas. You can review the assignment groups in the Assignments tool of Canvas.

For more information on the assignment groups you may find in your copied site, see the Review Assignments organization section of the article Review Assignments content.

Tip: To easily review a list of gradebook categories and items in UVACollab's Gradebook for comparison, select the Item Order button.

Review gradebook items.

  • If an item was manually created in the UVACollab Gradebook (i.e., not attached to an assignment in Assignments or assessment in Tests & Quizzes), a corresponding assignment will be created for it in Canvas Assignments with the No Submission setting.
  • If an assessment from UVACollab's Tests & Quizzes was set in the Working Copies tab not to send grades to the Gradebook, but the same assessment in Published Copies did have that setting enabled, you may find additional No Submission assignments in Canvas Assignments with the same names as quizzes.

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