Revise your Course Navigation.

In your upcoming Canvas course, the Course Navigation Menu will contain the tools included in the course template. You can enable and disable tools as needed. Follow the steps below to manage the tools.

Tip: You can use the information in this article as you work through Step 3: Revise in the Checklist for Reusing Content from UVACollab. Go back to the checklist for additional steps.

Enable only the tools you will use.

To make your course easier for students to navigate, enable only the tools you will use in your course. Follow steps in How do I Manage Course Navigation links (opens new window).

If you used Web Link tools in your UVACollab site, these links have been placed in Modules in Canvas, in a module named Web Links. If you prefer to make these links available to students in the course navigation menu, you can add each link using a Redirect Tool.

To add a Redirect Tool:

  1. In your Canvas course that includes students, go to Settings > Apps.
  2. Select Redirect Tool.
  3. Select Add App.
  4. Enter a name for the tool to have in the course navigation menu and the URL (link to the web page).
  5. Select Show in Course Navigation.
  6. Add App.
  7. Refresh the page in your browser for the link to appear in the menu.
  8. After setting up the link in the menu, you can remove it from the Modules.

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