How can I use a transcript in Media Gallery?

In My Media or Media Gallery, videos and audio files with closed captions include transcripts. Captioned media files embedded in pages in Canvas may also have transcripts available, if the person who added the media selected to use a player with a transcript.

When a transcript is available, you can jump to a certain time in a video or audio file by searching for and selecting text in the transcript. This can help you quickly navigate to a point of interest.

You can also download and print the transcript. A transcript can be an excellent study aid, particularly if you prefer to learn by reading.


Go to My Media or Media Gallery.

  1. To go to My Media: Select My Media from your Global Navigation Menu.
  2. To go to Media Gallery: Select Media Gallery from the Course Navigation Menu.

Note: To access the Media Gallery tool in a McIntire School of Commerce course site, select McIntire Kaltura from the Course Navigation Menu instead of Media Gallery.

In Media Gallery, access the Media tab.

If you are accessing a file in Media Gallery and any playlists have been created in the course, the Playlists tab will display as the first page.  If this is the case, select the Media tab to go to it.

Note: The Media tab will display with the number of files currently included in it, e.g., 6 Media.

Select a video or audio file.

Select the video or audio file to play.

Tip: This step and the steps below are the same in both My Media and Media Gallery.

Select Show transcript.

Select the Show transcript link under the media player.

Enter text in Search field.

Enter text in the Search field to highlight certain words or phrases in the transcript.

Navigate with the transcript.

Text in the transcript is linked to specific timestamps in the video. Select text to skip to the time in the video or audio file where its caption appears.

Download the transcript.

You can download a text file (.txt) of the transcript by selecting the Download icon.

You can print a copy of the transcript by selecting the Print icon.