How do I upload a video or image to My Media from a phone or tablet?

You can use your mobile device (phone or tablet) to capture and upload an image or video to My Media.

Access UVACanvas in your mobile browser.

In your mobile device's internet browser (for example, Google Chrome or Safari), navigate to (opens new window) and select UVACanvas Login to sign in with Netbadge.

Note: My Media is not available in the Canvas Teacher or Canvas Student mobile app.

Open the Global Navigation Menu.

Select the menu (three horizontal bars) button in the upper-left corner of the page to expand the Global Navigation Menu.

Go to My Media.

Select My Media from your Global Navigation Menu.

Note: Depending on the size of your mobile device's screen, you may need to scroll down on the menu to find the My Media link.

Select Add New, then Media Upload.

  1. Select Add New.
  2. Select Media Upload.

Select Choose a file to upload.

Select a source for the file.

You will be prompted to choose whether to capture a new image or video file, or upload an existing file. Available source options may differ slightly depending on the operating system of your phone or tablet:

Select a source on an Android device.

Select from one of the following options:

  1. Camera - Take a photo with your camera.
  2. Camera Camcorder - Record a new video file.
  3. Files - Select an existing file on your device.

Select a source on iOS.

Select from one of the following options:

  1. Photo Library - Select an existing photo in your library.
  2. Take Photo or Video - Take a photo or record a new video with the camera.
  3. Choose File - Select a file from another location on your device.

Wait for the upload.

  1. Depending on the size of your file, the upload may take some time to complete. During this time, the upload progress will display on the screen.
  2. When the file is successfully uploaded, an Upload Completed! message will replace the progress bar.

Edit the name and add details as needed.

Edit the Name (Required), Description and/or Tags (Optional).

  1. By default, the Name will be the name of the file you uploaded, e.g., 20230306_134030.mp4. It is recommended that you edit the Name to make your file easy to find in My Media.
  2. Add a Description or Tags for searching (Optional).

Add a Publishing Schedule and/or Collaborators. (Optional)

  1. By default, the file will Always be available to viewers in a Media Gallery where it is published or on a page where it is embedded. To restrict when viewers can access the file to specific dates and times, change the Publishing Schedule to Specific Time Frame. For details, see How do I schedule a file's availability in Media Gallery?
  2. Select Add Collaborator to give someone else access to your file as a Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, or Co-Viewer (Optional). For details, see How do I allow someone to publish or edit one of my Media Gallery files?

Note: As the media owner, you will always be able to view the file in My Media even if its Publishing Schedule is restricted. Anyone added on the file as a Collaborator (Co-PublisherCo-Editor, or Co-Viewer) will also be able to view it at any time.

Save and access your media.

  1. Select Save.
  2. Select the Go To Media link to go directly to the file you just uploaded, or select Go To My Media to go back to the main page of My Media.

View media.

Whether you selected Go To Media or Go To My Media, an additional step may be required to view the file.

Wait for the file to process.

  1. If you selected Go To Media, it may take some time for the uploaded file to process before you can view it. In this case, a Media is being processed message will appear.
  2. When your file is ready, the Media is being processed message will be replaced with a thumbnail image of the file and a message indicating Your media is ready. Select the refresh the page link to view the file.

Select the file in My Media.

If you selected Go To My Media, you can choose the file to view by selecting its thumbnail or name.

Publish the file in a course. (Optional)

If you uploaded a file that you would like to use in a Canvas course, you will need to publish the file in the course site. For steps, see one of the following articles: